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Sembrano Design, Building designer, Southern Highlands
Sembrano Design

From our Director

A building designer’s job is to advise, design and innovate – embracing the constraints that make each project unique.

What is a full-circle building design studio?

At Sembrano Design, full-circle building design means creating spaces our clients love. We listen, come up with solutions for your design challenges, collaborate, and ensure the outcome is fit for purpose, buildable and environmentally sensitive.

Design and drawings, approvals, project management and more – all in one place.

Because Sembrano Design is a small team, we build great relationships and remain flexible so we can be with you every step of the way. That means you have access to Paulo’s expertise across your entire project – which is the way we like it.

More than anything, we love working alongside people who understand and respect the design process and who care about the impact of their building on the environment and the community. Sound like you? We’d love to hear from you.

About Sembrano Design, Southern Highlands

Paulo Sembrano: Design Director

Sembrano Design Director, Paulo Sembrano, is a rarity: a skilled and dedicated building designer and town planning professional with an absolute commitment to his sustainability credentials.
Sembrano Design, Paulo Sembrano

Paulo's Background

Paulo has worked with some of the best in the business, including Ormsby Design Group in Sydney, Dobsonei Construction in Mittagong, and Durie Design in Brookvale.

He noticed that many homeowners and small-scale developers needed a reliable partner who could offer custom design solutions to:

  • address their unique problems
  • support them as they navigate the often daunting design documentation and approvals process
  • ensure their project is managed well, so they could enjoy their dream space in no time.

With a goal to bridge the gap and to stay true to his strong-held sustainability principles, Paulo launched Sembrano Design in 2014. It’s a full-circle building design studio to manage every part of your building project.


  • Master of Architecture, University of Canberra (to complete 2023)
  • Masters of Sustainable Built Environment, University of NSW
  • Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Building and Design, Ecological Sustainable Development and Architecture, TAFE Sydney Ultimo
  • Diploma in Architectural Technology, TAFE Sydney Ultimo
  • Bachelor of Science, Architecture, Mapua University, Philippines



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Sembrano Design

Kay Tee Ng

building Designer

Kay Tee’s building design philosophy centres on balancing the relationships across people, built structures and the natural environment. She seeks harmony in these elements, while prioritising solutions to her clients’ design challenges as well as their unique constraints. The Sembrano Design team and our clients benefit from Kay Tee’s international work experience, including the design of high-density residential and commercial projects in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Nguyen Le Yen Oanh

building Designer

Le Yen’s skill set encompasses both architectural design and town planning, making her an ideal fit for Sembrano Design. When you present Le Yen with a creative challenge, she will apply cutting-edge technology and thinking to study every perspective, always with an aim towards environmental sustainability. Her personal goal is to continue assisting people in improving their living standards and hopes that our clients will feel her designs will make a significant difference in their lives.
Sembrano Design

From our clients

Sembrano Design worked closely with us to bring our vision to life. Professional, thorough and detailed.
I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this dream house being built to life by Sembrano Design. The construction guidelines were prepared very well; our expectations were fully understood from day one.
Initiative, leadership and guidance during my change of use application, town planning and building design – making the process and transition smooth.
Thank you for your input, ideas and innovation towards making each project you are engaged in a success.
Paulo listened to our ideas then offered suggestions that have absolutely ‘made’ our small space. Highly recommended.